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    The Only Range Board SS15



    'The Only' is an independent Melbourne based womenswear label.
    With background in upcycling vintage clothing, ‘The Only’ designer Net C. is passionate about combining street style trends with retro charms.

    From 60s geometric mod, 70s laid back bohemian through to edgy 90s grunge, ‘The Only’ draws inspiration from the distinctive shapes and detailing of the past and recreates it with a modern twist, seen through up-to-date classic designs with a signature touch of yesteryear.

    ‘The Only’ label is created with the modern woman in mind, with comfort and versatility at the forefront of the label’s designs shown through transformable easy-to-style pieces and relaxed carefree silhouettes.

    A boy meets girl flare describes ‘The Only girl’. She is quirky yet effortlessly feminine with a unique blend of the cool and cute persona. She wears girly dresses with oxfords and oversize tops with heels. Her unpredictable style is unique and different because she is ‘the one & only’.



    M A D E . W I T H . L O V E

    The Only products are designed in Melbourne and made in a small quantity by a small team of tailors in Bangkok. We visit the production room regularly and always making sure they work at a good pace and environment.

    Making small quantity per design does not only give our customer the sense of exclusivity and making it sure our tailors are not overworked, but also minimise overproduced merchandise ending up in landfill. 

    (some of our knitwear and Jewellery are hand selected by us but not made by us, in this case, we will state the country of origin in the product page)

    L O V E . M E . L O N G . T I M E

    We take sustainability into consideration when designing our products, however we strongly believe that sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring, plain and simple.

    We carefully select key trends that we believe will stay or evolve season after season and tweak them so they always look relevant yet versatile.

    We also focus on using timeless prints and easy to wear shapes to ensure you can enjoy them for a long time.